Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Putting Off the Inevitable

It has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been putting off a lot of stuff.  Not thinking about it does not make it go away.  I am concerned about the "rare cancer" possibly caused by breast implants.    Yes, I do have implants which cause pain and discomfort.  Also, I have been worrying alot about a lymph node found on my last mammogram.  I have sought a second opinion, but was not very content with the doctor's opinion.  My luck has always been that if there is the slightest possibility of a problem, then I will have the problem.  Anyway, I need to go to another doctor and have this checked out.  I am very concerned and have put this off for some time.  I just needed to express my thoughts.

Thanks for listening,

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking Forward to 2010!

Well we made it through the holidays and are hoping for positive results for the New Year.   
At the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce, the Cowgirls in Pink Store had its ribbon cutting
on December 17, 2009,   We are hoping to become a vital part of the Mineral Wells community.
We are now considered officially open, so feel free to visit  http://www.cowgirlsinpink.com/ or
our store front at 115 W. I-20 in Mingus, TX  76463.  It is located just off of I-20 at the 370 exit.

Wanda at Cowgirls in Pink

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going Out Tonight

We are going out tonight to promote our business at a local C & W club in Mingus, TX.  Everywhere I go I run into ladies who are affected in someway by breast cancer.  It could be a mother, sister, aunt, or just a really good friend.   The stories are heartbreaking but still show that glimmer of hope that so many ladies are fighting this terrible disease.   We try to give love and support where ever we go.   We want to provide a place for women to ask questions or give comments about their experiences.   Also, the Cowgirls in Pink store hopes to provide items that will make them feel better as they take this cancer journey.  Hope to have a good time too.   Wanda at Cowgirls in Pink

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waiting to See New Doctor

I am planning to see a new doctor in Dallas.   The lymph nodes are still visible on my ultrasound and I am concerned.  My other doctor was not worried because it is small , but 5 yrs ago my cancer was small nodules in the breast tissue.   I chose to have a masectomy because the breast would have been very deformed and slight. Additional cancer that did not show up on the ultrasound was found in the extracted tissue.   Because of this even small nodes in my breast area concern me.  I cant believe that I can go right back to day 1 with cancer and still have the same feelings.       Wanda at Cowgirls in Pink

Friday, October 16, 2009

Waitin for results

I had to get a recheck sonogram of my right breast on Monday.   Have not gotten official results but I suspect that the lymph nodes that were detected have grown.   I am a little afraid and my world is spinning.    I really hate waiting for the results.   

Wanda    cowgirls in pink

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness in Community

Getting ready for crazy water festival in Mineral Wells, TX.   Setting table for Cowgirls in pink to spark breast cancer awareness and support in the community.  Also, publicizing the startup of a new breast support group in this area.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Really getting into blogging

hey guys and girls look for the new additions to my blog on cowgirlsinpink Its gettin better

Wanda Cowgirls in Pink

Wanda at Cowboys Stadium

Wanda at Cowboys Stadium
Great Practice

Big Welcome

Cowgirls in pink want to talk to you ladies out there and really get to know you. Breast cancer is a tough thing to deal with and we all need someone to talk to.

Rhonda at Tarleton State University

Cowgirls in Pink at Tarleton State University Proud Sponsor of the Fine Arts Department at Tarleton State University

About Us

Mineral Wells, TX, United States
I am Wanda a 5 year breast cancer survivor. My twin Rhonda, greatest supporter I could hope for, and I decided to start a store for breast cancer products to celebrate my recovery and give back to our community to help fight this disease.

Cowgirls in Pink "The Store"

At Cowgirls in Pink we are proud to offer a variety of pink ribbon products & breast cancer awareness products including:jewelry,gifts & accessories, & t-shirts.

We display a large selection of pink ribbon jewelry & breast cancer merchandise such as: caps & hats,purses & bags, and apparel.

Cowgirls in Pink features new breast cancer products: wigs, aromatheraphy, relaxation items, health & beauty products, prosthetics, books & stationary, and CD's.

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Cowgirls in Pink Ribbon Cutting

On December 17, the Chamber held a ribbon
cutting for Cowgirls in Pink, an ecommerce
business and sister business of
Cactus Rose Western Gifts that donates 10
percent of its proceeds to assist breast cancer
patients and survivors. Pictured are
owners Rhonda Hayes and Wanda Shea
along with Chamber Staff, Ambassadors
and Penni B. of Farm Bureau Insurance.

Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce Newsletter January 2010

Coming Soon new breast cancer products: breast health, skin care, aromatheraphy, & motivational books